Australian Education Union (AEU)
Federal Office
Telephone(03) 9693 1800
Fax(03) 9693 1805
Street AddressGround Floor
Street Address120 Clarendon St
Postal AddressPO Box 1158
SuburbSouth Melbourne
Federal President
Correna Haythorpe
Federal Secretary
Susan Hopgood
Deputy Federal Secretary
Pat Forward
Federal Industrial Officer
David Colley
Federal Women's Officer
Sally Thompson
Federal TAFE President
Michelle Purdy
Federal TAFE Secretary
Pat Forward
Federal Research Officer
Jenni Devereaux
Federal Aboriginal Education Officer
Position Vacant
Federal Professional Officer
Penny Gilmour
Communications and Campaign Coordinator
Position Vacant
Media and Communications Advisor
Ben Ruse
JournalPublic Education Voice (ACT)
EditorGlenn Fowler
Advertising contactGlenn Fowler
Advertising phone(02) 6272 7900
JournalAEU Journal (SA)
EditorCraig Greer
Advertising phone(08) 8272 1399
JournalAustralian Educator
EditorSusan Hopgood
Advertising contactKerri Spillane
Advertising phone(03) 8520 6444
JournalEducation (NSW)
EditorCameron Malcher
Advertising contactJeanette Rath
Advertising phone(02) 9217 2100
JournalQueensland Teachers' Journal (QLD)
EditorAndrew Belford
Advertising contactAndrew Belford
Advertising phone(07) 3512 9000
JournalTerritory Educator (NT)
EditorJarvis Ryan
Advertising phone(08) 8948 5399
JournalWestern Teacher (WA)
EditorBob Figg and Minh Lam
Advertising contactSarah Maraglio
Advertising phone(08) 9210 6000
JournalAustralian TAFE Teacher
EditorPat Forward
Advertising contactRosie Scroggie
Advertising phone(03) 9693 1800
JournalThe AEU News, and The Professional Voice (VIC)
EditorSuzanne Taylor
Advertising contactYuki Kamimura
Advertising phone(03) 9417 2822
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